Ready for Battle?

When People think of a martial artist, they tend to dwell on the height of their front kick, or how many boards they can break, but there is another facet to training that many people tend to forget.  A martial artist trains in awareness and preparedness.  Of course, when you, as a martial artist walk into battle prepared in advance, try to know your opponent’s weakness.  But ask yourself a question: “When I walk into a board-room, am I prepared for battle?”

A meeting with your boss or a presentation to a client are no different in their need for preparation.  The true martial artist gets what they want without a fight.   Try to enter your next meeting a little earlier than everyone else.  Always be a bit more prepared than they are.  Anticipate their counters, and have an overhead handy.  Being a martial artist extends beyond the Dojang and into your everyday life in ways that are less dramatic that a flying side kick, but that can have a profound impact on your life.

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