International Championships

Klacko : October 11, 2017 7:47 am : news

I am happy to announce that our 9th International Championships will take place in Orlando FL on July 20 & 21, 2018.  We have chosen a great venue: The Hotel & Spa Resort at Lake Buena Vista (near Disney Springs). The property is located right across the street from Disney World and within walking distance to all types of attractions and great places to dine, shop, and celebrate! It is also right down the street from Typhoon Lagoon Water Park which is a Disney property. 400 competitors from all around the country (and the world) are planning to attend the festivities…so save the date and start planning early to be in Orlando next July. More information will follow shortly.


School News

Klacko : September 21, 2017 7:45 am : news

We would like to congratulate the following students for successfully completing the Summer Testing cycle. Their efforts and progress have been rewarding, and we hope that they will continue their hard training in Tang Soo Do:

  • Katarina Klacko            2nd Dan
  • Maya de Luis               2nd Dan
  • Isabel de Luis               2nd Dan
  • Kalyani Duva               2nd Dan
  • Gabriel Gruionu          2nd Dan
  • Sebastian Toledo        2nd Dan
  • Alec Klacko                 1st Dan
  • Garrett Warfield          1st Dan
  • Thomas Schlatter        1st Dan
  • Kimberly Curtin           1st Dan
  • Daniella Courban        1st Dan
  • Samantha Gafford      1st Dan
  • Jim Meyer                    1st Gup
  • Dawn Wise                  1st Gup
  • Sophie Hopwood        2nd Gup
  • Walter Hopwood         2nd Gup
  • Edgardo Lopez             2nd Gup
  • Adam Bedingfield       3rd Gup
  • Marvi Spahiu               4th Gup
  • Zacharias Daniel          4th Gup
  • Nebyou Abraham        4th Gup
  • Buruk Abraham           4th Gup
  • Alex Bennett                4th Gup
  • Riley Maibor                 5th Gup
  • Alejandro Solana          5th Gup
  • Makeda Daniel             5th Gup
  • Mekeyas Mekuria         5th Gup
  • Ever Drewicz                6th Gup
  • Zayan Ahmed               6th Gup
  • Jessica Meyer                6th Gup
  • Maya Bedingfield         6th Gup
  • Veibahv Dhiman          6th Gup
  • Vishnu urs                    7th Gup
  • Sanaya Duva                7th Gup
  • David Zou                    7th Gup
  • Sophia Gruionu            8th Gup
  • Otelia Schlatter             8th Gup
  • Keira Moeunis               9th Gup
  • Rama Urs                      9th Gup

Ready for Battle?

Klacko : August 18, 2017 7:44 am : news

When People think of a martial artist, they tend to dwell on the height of their front kick, or how many boards they can break, but there is another facet to training that many people tend to forget.  A martial artist trains in awareness and preparedness.  Of course, when you, as a martial artist walk into battle prepared in advance, try to know your opponent’s weakness.  But ask yourself a question: “When I walk into a board-room, am I prepared for battle?”

A meeting with your boss or a presentation to a client are no different in their need for preparation.  The true martial artist gets what they want without a fight.   Try to enter your next meeting a little earlier than everyone else.  Always be a bit more prepared than they are.  Anticipate their counters, and have an overhead handy.  Being a martial artist extends beyond the Dojang and into your everyday life in ways that are less dramatic that a flying side kick, but that can have a profound impact on your life.


Shouting from Rooftops!

Klacko : June 11, 2017 7:41 am : news

Being an eager student or instructor and training in a great dojang, with a great team, is one of the most rewarding experiences that can happen in anyone’s life. It leads to an endless number of outstanding friendships and relationships that brings out the best in everyone mentally, physically and emotionally. Shouting from the rooftops is simply a saying for spreading the word about all the good that is going on in your dojang, Federation, and with your team.

The real world is filled with so much negative news, a dojang is filled with positive news and events. Which is why we encourage everyone to shout from the roof tops about your training, your dojang, your Federation, and your team mates. All too often, people only talk about the negative things that happen in their day and in their lives. When you shout from the rooftops, you are doing just the opposite, you are sharing good news and spreading a much needed positive spirit to everyone you speak with. This is good for you and them. It could be something as simple as spreading the word about an upcoming event, an Open House or a Belt Promotion. Maybe it’s inviting someone to attend a Buddy Day, class, or special event. It might be just inviting someone in to watch your regular training class.

Black Belt Leaders & Champions are always eager to spread the good word about what is going on. The more you educate and inspire your inner circle of family and friends about the Martial Arts, the greater interest and support they will provide. You may even discover some of them decide to join you as well. Another benefit is the more you talk about the good, the more you attract it. As we all know…positive begets positive.

Black Belt Leaders & Champions shout from the rooftop about everything good and positive in their life. They are a force for good and love to spread their contagious enthusiasm. Like anything, the more you practice shouting from the rooftops, the sooner it becomes habit. Your goal is to always influence conversation and thinking in a positive and productive direction. You can start today by sharing this message with a family member or friend that could use some good news.

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