Benefits for Children

Our goal is for all our students to earn their black belt and have a great time doing it. Kids get the physical activity they need while learning practical and effective physical self defense skills. And we emphasize the mental aspects of martial arts, including focusing attention, perseverance, and goal attainment – skills that build confidence and help children of all ages succeed and excel in every aspect of their lives.

Our Pee Wee program is designed for our youngest students (ages 5-6) who want to learn martial arts. Emphasis is on listening, learning, large motor skills. Upon graduation from this class students move into our traditional youth class. Classes are 35 minutes long to accomodate the attention span of our younger students.

Our Youth program is designed for our younger students (ages 7-13) training in the traditional Korean art of Tang Soo Do. This class covers the fundamental techniques of Tang Soo DoClasses are 75 minutes long and focus on discipline, confidence, patience, respect and safety.

The Mental Benefits

The Karate Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. Our basic building blocks for the Karate Kids system are monthly themes, including the following:

  • Courtesy
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Attitude
  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Persistence
  • Trust
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Esteem


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