About Us

Our classes have three main areas of emphasis:

FITNESS – our program develops greater stamina, flexibility, and strength. Our program aids in weight control, muscle development and is an excellent source of stress relief. Everyone benefits from looking and feeling their best!

SELF DEFENSE – our classes educate our students in how to better protect themselves and be aware of their surroundings. Students enjoy learning new things that are simple, practical and easy to use if ever a situation should arise. Our classes are arranged so that all students can develop at their own pace and they have great FUN learning it!

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Our program develops self confidence, self respect, respect of others, positive thinking, goal setting and commitment, just to name a few. We want all our students to be leaders in all that they do!


Q1: What is Tang Soo Do?
Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art with heritage dating back over two thousand years. Tang Soo Do is taught as an art rather than as a sport. Tang Soo Do training allows the body to gain the ultimate use of its faculties through intensive physical and mental training. Its methods of instruction are designed to help an individual develop character, integrity, self-confidence, concentration and a respect for others.  Students are taught mastery over their own bodies and minds and to develop their individual potential to its fullest.

Q2: I’m not particularly athletic. Can I learn Tang Soo Do effectively?
The training you receive learning Tang Soo Do will develop your athletic abilities. However, since no two people are alike, each student is patiently encouraged to learn at his or her own pace. Each student is inspired to achieve their own potential. In addition, there is no minimum physical fitness requirement for a person to join Cambridge Tang Soo Do. We welcome all persons, regardless of their physical prowess to enroll in our club.

Q3: Is Tang Soo Do an effective self-defense style?
In addition to traditional Tang Soo Do training, students learn a variety of controlled self-defense techniques that are quite effective. However, be aware that while Tang Soo Do provides one with the tools to defend oneself in undesirable situations, avoiding such situations, if possible, is still the most proven method of self defense.

Q4: If Tang Soo Do is an effective fighting style, how can it be non-violent in nature?
True non-violence is based on a sense of inner strength and self-confidence. Tang Soo Do techniques are defensive, and aggressive behavior among students is not tolerated. Although we will defend ourselves when given no choice, the self-confidence developed by learning Tang Soo Do promotes the discipline and awareness to avoid violent confrontations.

Q5: What should I wear to my first class?
For your first class, please wear loose-fitting pants (e.g., sweatpants or running pants) and a comfortable top (e.g., t-shirt or sweatshirt). Avoid revealing clothing. Long hair should be fastened securely. Before class begins, you will remove your shoes, socks, and jewelry. Our facility has lockers, but you may prefer to leave valuables at home. Upon joining our class, you will purchase a start-up package which includes a traditional uniform. Your uniform should be keep clean and pressed at all times. For safety, fingernails and toenails should be kept neatly groomed. Females often wear a t-shirt or sports bra underneath the uniform jacket. Any undergarment that is visible should be white to match the uniform.

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